Make Money with Your Own Fashion Label!

Ok, So you have just learned about getting free publicity for your Fashion Line!

Now I am going to show you how to Triple the Sales and Profit for your Fashion Line by opening your own Online Fashion Boutique! Having your own online store connected to your website gives your fans and followers a chance to buy your collection online! This is particularly great if you don’t have many stockists in the area…. as your customer can buy online at any time from any place in the world!

Launch your Very Own Online Store For Less than $100!!

Yes that’s right you don’t need to spend thousands to launch your own Online Store.. it is much easier than you think! ( And cost effective!)

Discover Why Opening Your Own Online Store Will Triple
Your Profits:
Watch the video below to discover why it is so profitable, and how you can impliment one yourself

5 Easy Steps to Launching Your Own Online Store:

1. Build a Website in a ‘Word Press’ Platform
2. Plugin a Shopping Cart
3. Offer Pay-pal
4. Market in on Facebook
5. Promote through Fashion Blogs and Affiliates

4 Easy and Simple Steps to Getting Started:

1. Register your Domain Name ( use or 2. Buy Hosting: ( or
3. Build a ‘WordPress Platform ( Free plugin app from hosting..)
4. Plugin a ‘WordPress Shopping Cart’

Top Shopping Cart Plugins

1. Payvment (Facebook App.)
2. WP e commerce
3. Simple Paypal Shopping Cart
4. E Shop (word press plugin)
5. Shopper Press (wordpress plugin..)

Hot Tip:

1. You can hire someone to do these steps for you. Visit these websites to get really cheap web developers:,,
Give your web developer the instructions above to follow. They should charge you less than $100 to do this!