Learn to Draw Fashion Online with a Short Course in Fashion

Learning to draw fashion can be difficult, and it can be tricky if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. The good news is it can be a lot easier to become a professional fashion artist then your think!

There are many ways to learn how to draw, and the first step should be learning to draw the female figure.

The fashion figure is a model stance for fashion, and it is slightly different to that of a female figure. Usually the model is taller and leaner, and has longer legs.

The best way to start drawing fashion is to use a ‘croqui’ or fashion figure template.

This is an already drawn fashion figure that you can simply trace over, and draw your fashion designs on top. It is the quickest and easiest way to draw your designs and make them look professional.

Here is an example below of how you can use a fashion figure template.

The first step is to trace with a pencil the outline of the female figure. Trace over the torso to give you a clear defined shape to work with. Then start to draw your designs on the torso.

The next step is to then trace over the arms and legs of the figure. You can then move to the head, and draw in a face and hair.

Final step is to draw in your accessories like necklace, shoes, and bangles.

From here, you are ready to start to colour or render your designs. Shade in the clothes, then the skin tone.

Finish with a black fine tip pen to trace over the outlines of the clothing, and figure.

And there you have it: a professional fashion model wearing your fashion design!

Now you can file it in your portfolio for safe keeping! Keep on practicing drawing your designs in this way, and before you know it you will have a complete Fashion Collection !

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1. Build a Website in a ‘Word Press’ Platform
2. Plugin a Shopping Cart
3. Offer Pay-pal
4. Market in on Facebook
5. Promote through Fashion Blogs and Affiliates

4 Easy and Simple Steps to Getting Started:

1. Register your Domain Name ( use www.godaddy.com or www.crazydomains.com.au) 2. Buy Hosting: (www.crazydomains.com.au or www.hostgator.com)
3. Build a ‘WordPress Platform ( Free plugin app from hosting..)
4. Plugin a ‘WordPress Shopping Cart’

Top Shopping Cart Plugins

1. Payvment (Facebook App.)
2. WP e commerce
3. Simple Paypal Shopping Cart
4. E Shop (word press plugin)
5. Shopper Press (wordpress plugin..)

Hot Tip:

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How to Become a Fashion Buyer – E-course.

This is an amazing, thoroughly detailed e-course on’ How to Become a Fashion Buyer’ which covers all aspects of the world of fashion from a buyer’s point of view. The course details on how one can start a boutique or work in a large co-operation or simply to make you aware of the amazing world of fashion and sets you up for a career path in the fashion industry. The course is very detail oriented and easy to grasp. It showcases many website URL’s that can come in handy to further your knowledge and learning. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the world of fashion, or anyone dreaming to start a boutique of their own, should most definitely take this course clouded with information that will jumpstart your path toward this industry.


I absolutely love the e book “How to become a Fashion Buyer”, this book is packed with everything you need to know about becoming a Fashion buyer and opening your own Boutique. This is a great guide for the pure fact that it states the reality of the life of a Fashion Buyer. The main things that I really enjoyed about this guide is that the writer has a great way of explaining everything with many great examples and also graphs and pictures. There is even a glossary to explain some terms that a newbie may not understand. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to become a fashion buyer or anyone looking to open their own Boutique.
~Kristie Trimm
Aberdeen, MS (USA)

La Mode’s “How to Become a Fashion Buyer” is a must have for any hardcore fashionista who needs a guide to opening their own business. Straight forward explanations and terms used in the industry, this book has it all and more. La Mode even includes a buying structure graph and lists resources for you to use. If you’re thinking about opening your own boutique, you must have this e-book!

– Sarah Chrosniak, Nashville, Tn

How to Become a Fashion Buyer Review
This book has become my bible ever since our family-owned boutique was passed on to me by my Mom. It has helped me renovate and re-launch the boutique into a better one, one that is more up-to-date and fashion forward.

I have strengthened and reinforced my role as a Fashion Buyer and manager of the boutique because of the book’s easy-to-follow guidelines. I enjoyed reading about the competencies and qualities I should possess and constantly practice as a successful Fashion Buyer.

Thumbs up for La Mode! This book is definitely a must-have for all Fashion Buyers and for every fashion-buyers-at-heart.

100 words
Bernadette Guadiz

How to Become a Fashion Designer Review

Wow! I simply fell in love with this awesomely engaging “How to Become a Fashion Designer” book! As a fashion enthusiast, I have been following fashion trends and this book really helped me understand the differences between them.

I often wondered why some trends go “out of fashion” in such a short period of time while others stayed “in fashion” over the years, but now I know. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of taking careers in fashion as well as those who wanted to become one of the best fashion designers in the industry.

100 words
Bernadette Guadiz

My son recently came up to me and said “ Dad I plan to open a fashion boutique of my own, now that I have graduated with a degree in fashion designing”. This was a new turf for me. I had to know what I’m getting into before investing any money and the important factor was that my son’s career was on the line. It was then that one of my good friends suggested that I read an e-book on “How to Become a Fashion Buyer and start your own boutique”. This book was truly informational and was written in a very professional way. It gave me all the basic information about what the fashion industry is all about, what does it take to set up a boutique and what constitutes a fashion store etc. It had more real-time data and region specific information on how the industry is faring in those regions. I was very impressed with the self-assessment sections and the focus on communication and customer relations, which is a key part of any business. After reading the book, I was armed with enough inputs and I was confident that I had the right directions to help shape my son’s career in the fashion industry.


Born into a family of bankers and doctors, it was very difficult for me to convince my family and choose a career in the fashion industry. My dream was to establish my own fashion store. In my quest to find out more about setting up my own boutique I came across an e-book titled “How to Become a Fashion Buyer and start your own boutique”. The book was written for a specific target audience in mind, which I feel contributes to its success. With so much information about the various job types and geographical attributes of the industry, this book is sure to produce numerous fashion store owners. I was pretty determined after I read the book that I wanted to be a fashion buyer. The exciting thing about the book is that it really makes you think. I had a rough flowchart in my mind about how much store operations are going to flow and what my key performance indicators should be! It gave me a whole new dimension about the fashion industry and highly recommend you to read this page turner if you dream to make it big in the world of fashion.

First Review:
Chennai, India

Second Review:
Bangalore, India

Third Review:
Hyderabad, India

“How to Become A Fashion Buyer” by la mode is an eye opener for me. Fashion Buying is not an easy job. I cannot just choose and buy among the fabulous objects that are laid in front of me. I have to seriously consider my options. Although everything about fashion is fabulous, not everything in it are long lasting and appealing. If I don’t want my fashion business go down to the drain, I should straighten up.

The book also showed me ways on how to improve my sales by constantly upgrading my fashion taste. Wow! Thank you la mode. Eva Magno, Philippines

Testimonials : Fashion Design

This is what our students are saying:

What a great e book. “How to become a Fashion Designer” is the best place to start when you are considering becoming a fashion designer. I love the part of the book that takes you step by step into the self assessment, it will really get you pointed in the right direction. The history in the book is also a huge plus in my opinion because you have to know where you are coming from to get where you want to be. The explanations of the design phase was the most helpful, again, another great step by step! I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning all the ins and outs of the fashion design world. Kristie Trimm, Aberdeen, MS (USA) Wow!

I simply fell in love with this awesomely engaging “How to Become a Fashion Designer” book! As a fashion enthusiast, I have been following fashion trends and this book really helped me understand the differences between them. I often wondered why some trends go “out of fashion” in such a short period of time while others stayed “in fashion” over the years, but now I know. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of taking careers in fashion as well as those who wanted to become one of the best fashion designers in the industry. Bernadette Guadiz, USA

‘’I had recently enrolled for a course in fashion designing and one of my friends in my class suggested that I read an e-book titled “How to Become a Fashion Designer that had a bonus ebook on ‘’’how to start your own label”.

The book was just amazing and was very informative- A good launch pad to students like me who have big dreams of creating our own labels. I particularly liked the self-assessment sections. The outcome of Reading this ebook is that I am now selling my designs at the local markets, and have recently started my own on-line store, selling my creations. ( handmade dresses and jewelry) I would give this book a 5 star rating and urge all students to read this career-changing book!’’ Jazmine.

This one-two-step fashion book is a real winning weapon. If you’re a frustrated designer, “How to Become a Fashion Designer” by la mode is perfect for you. The book definitely helps on getting you to the top of the fashion game. At first I didn’t understand the nitty-gritty of fashion designing- I had many ideas for my clothing line, but had no idea how to communicate my designs- how to draw, and how to get them made, and where to sell my clothes! But after reading this book, I immediately understood that this industry is easy as long as you’re informed.

This makes this ebook series a must-have fashion bible. It will really guide you along the fabulous lane… Eva Magno, Phili.

The world of glamour awaits you! The e-course on ‘How to become a fashion Designer’
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Sarah Sredevy, USA.

“How to Become a Fashion Designer and start your own label” gave me an tremendous amount of confidence to become a Fashion Designer. I never knew there were so many options in the fashion industry apart from being a designer- like a merchandiser, a journalist, a photographer, a fashion model etc. The moment I completed the first assignment, I knew clearly what I wanted to be in the industry – a fashion journalist and photographer. I’m writing this review so that, like my friend who suggested this book and shaped my career, I would help an aspiring student choose their career path in the fashion industry.” Anusha May