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The SECRETS to Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer!

”Discover How To Get Paid $1,000 p/week As A Professional Fashion Designer….”

Maybe You Could Be The Next ‘Project- Runway’ Winner ?

We Make it Really Easy!  Start Earning Today!  All Resources Provided!  Here is a video for you to learn..

Getting Started In The Fashion Industry Can Be Hard work-  So Im Going to Let You in On the Professional Secrets to Getting The Killer Job You Have Always Wanted! 

Yes! Fashion Designers Get Paid $50-$100k A Year..Yes its true. Fashion Designers are paid up to $100k a year. Why? Because it is hard to find good fashion talent out there. After-all, you are designing clothes for thousands of people to wear!

Yes! You Could Be The Next Successful Fashion Designer!

It doesn’t matter how old you are: 14 or 40 years old- it’s never to early or too late to start your fashion designing career! Yes -It’s a shame for you not to make good money in this industry- when you have all the talent within you already. You just need to know how to get started!

Could Your Designs Be On This Catwalk?

The Words ‘Cannot’ Or ‘Impossible’ Do Not Exist Because If I Can, You Can- And This E-book Manual Will Show You How!

It took me quite a few years to collate everything I have learned from the Fashion Industry- from trend research to product design- through to production….then getting your designs on the shop floor.

I have now put all of that information, into a very easy to follow steps. (I just wish that a detailed instructions like this was available when i first started out!- It would have saved me 3 years of full time study!)

‘How To Become A Professional Fashion Designer E-book’ Can Be Downloaded To Your Computer Instantly And Viewed At Your Own Leisure At Anytime.’

I Want You To Be Successful!  So Here is some FREE BONUSES:

Fashion design Course book

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Become a Fashion Designer

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

You should have absolutely no risk in ordering this manual- thats why we offer your 100% guarantee for 60 days. Simply Download it, and in the unlikely event you dont  absolutely love it- you can return it for a full refund. 

You should have absolutely no risk in ordering this manual- thats why we offer your 100% guarantee for 60 days. Simply Download it, and in the unlikely event you dont  absolutely love it- you can return it for a full refund. 

The ‘SECRETS To Becoming A Professional Fashion Designer’ Manual- Ebook:


1.  Introduction to the World of Fashion (pg 3)

2.  Wholesale and Retail fashion: What’s the Difference? (pg12)

3.  The Evolution of Fashion: The Fashion Cycle: Why some trends disappear faster than others (pg5)

4.  Where Trends Come From: and How to Predict the Trends ( pg 6)

5.  The History of Fashion: Why does History Repeat in Fashion? (pg4)

6.  Careers on Fashion- How to get the Job you Want! (pg16)


7.   How to Successfully Design a Clothing Range (pg 20)

8.   Couture vs. Ready to Wear:  Which one is for you? (pg 22)

9.   Leading Designers:  Are You the Next Big Designer? (pg 24)

10. Range Building: how you can build a successful range of clothing that sells! (pg 28)

11. How to Get Your line picked up by a Fashion Boutique or large Retailer (pg 30)

12. The Design Phase: Design Considerations : what MUST you know when designing your range?(pg 31)

13. Fashion Forecasting: How to be in ‘style’ at the right moment! ( pg 18)

14. The Fashion Calender:  what trade shows are on and where? (pg 19)

15. How to Get Your Designs Made ( pg 40)

16. How to find your successful money making niche! (pg 46)


18. How to start your own Fashion Label- Successfully! ( pg 48)

19. 8 STEPS to Starting a Business ( pg 52)

20. Raising Start Up Capital- How to get the loan for starting your range.. (pg 56)

21. Government Grants (pg 58)

22. Tips For Success (pg 60)

23. What you need to know before you go into business! ( pg 60)

24. Trade Shows: where can you sell your clothes to buyers? ( pg 62) 25. How to Write a Business Plan (pg 63)

”This is the Best Place To Start When Considering to Be a Fashion Designer…”“What a great fashion manual- ebook! ” I Loved the Fashion Exercises at the end of Every Chapter- it really got me thinking, and developed my skills- plus I can use them for job interviews!  I would Highly recommend this fashion manual to anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of the fashion design world! Kristie Trimm- USA.

‘I Would Recommend This Manual To Anyone!” As a   fashion enthusiast, I have been following fashion trends and this course really helped me to understand the   differences between them.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about taking a career in fashion, as well as those who wanted to  get a job in the fashion industry.” Bernadette Guadiz- USA.

”This Book Has Allowed Me To Sell My Designs On-Line!”

 The outcome of reading this manual is that I am now selling my designs at the local markets, and have recently started my own on-line store selling my creations!” Jazmine- UK.

STOP!! Before You Register For Fashion School Why Don’t You Learn Everything You Need To Know From A Professional Fashion Designer?

Many Fashion Schools  are charging  up to $1,200  for the information that I have included in this e-book.  Yes, that means that you are getting the ‘creme de le creme’!!   I have kept the price as low as possible to make it affordable for young students, as I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the industry with others!!   

100% Money Back Guarantee! I Want To Help You By Making It Affordable To Become A Fashion Designer.

Like I said earlier, Many Fashion Schools  are charging  up to $1,200  for the information that I have included in this book.  I Believe that this information should be available to people just like you who may not have the thousands to go to fashion school, SO I AM OFFERING YOU an UNBELIEVEABLE PRICE that EVERYONE CAN AFFORD- A Special Price that no matter how broke you are, you can afford to start your dreams of Becoming a Fashion Designer!!  Afterall Dreams are Priceless!!  This is why I am Offering an Incredible Deal, and I am Giving the priceless info away to you for ONLY $47.00!!!! (The Value of the Book is $99.00, AND You get 4 Free Books as well!!)

Save money on Fashion school

Save Your Parents Thousands on College Fees! 

Even if you did have the money to pay thousands to Study Fashion at College, It makes sense that before you register into a Fashion School,  that you learn everything you need to know for a fraction of the Cost!!  That way you wont be wasting thousands on college fees, and you’ll save your parents thousands too!! (Maybe you could get them to invest the college fees you’ll save into your first collection?!!!)

(Please Note:  just because this fashion book is cheap- it is NOT lesser quality.  It has amazing insider tips and relevant fashion industry knowledge that will keep you ahead of the crowd. It has quality information about how to become a fashion designer step-by-step.  This Fashion book has got the same high quality standards as the content of  many other fashion courses out there.)

There Are LIMITED Copies Available- Due To CRAZY PRICING- ONLY $47.00!!

Because I am providing exceptional value for money, and Im practically giving away professional design secrets for nothing, I wont be selling this book to anyone and everyone.  I dont want too many people to get this info, otherwise there will be more competition for everyone- I dont want you to be competing for jobs with 10 other people who have read this same book!! (I want to give YOU the advantage!! ) ( If you’re serious about becoming a designer and want to be one of the SELECT few that have access to such PRIVILEDGED ‘Fashion Design Secrets’, don’t hold back- get your copy now, before too many more people come across this site and beat you too it! ORDER YOUR COPY NOW-  To Get This Free ‘Fashion Templates E- Book’ So That You Can Draw Your Designs Professionally!  

Free Fashion Templates
Become a Fashion Designer

Get Started NOW! – Only   $47.00


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NOTE: We use ClickBank  and Paypal services to process all orders. ClickBank and Paypal  utilizes the strongest security and anti-fraud features available on the Internet and never stores your financial data on their system! They are approved by the Better Business Bureau.Are You Afraid That You’ll Never Find a Job That You Truely Love And That You Are Passionate About?

Well You Too Can Become A Famous Fashion Designer And Achieve Your Dreams! Discover The Secrets That Will Ensure Your Success….  

Why not knowing how to predict Fashion Trends can send you Broke! RIGHT and WRONG  fashion designing methods

Little mistakes that keep budding Fashion Designers Poor

Why some Fashion designers are successful and others aren’t Why not knowing how to predict Fashion Trends can send you Broke!

Learn How to Draw Your Designs within Minutes- Nail a Fashion Job!

Here Are Some More Reasons To Order This Fashion Manual…

There is a job out there that you can get paid to design Clothes. And yes you don’t have to go to College or university for it. Actually most fashion designers haven’t even studied fashion, or have a degree! What makes us unique is that this course is written by a REAL fashion designer who successful had her designs in Department stores around the country. Real Fashion Industry Secrets that the professionals don’t want you to know about! the MUST KNOW know things that a fashion designer needs to be successful How to design a Successful Range. What magazines you MUST read for the latest fashion goss and trends! You can learn how to be a fashion designer from your own home! No boring classes to attend. You can fit in your study at your own pace. No assignments to hand in. Only relevant information. No high college fees, or College dept to pay off! Tax deductable STUDY at HOME in Your own time. There are no physical classes to attend.

More From Others Who Have Read This Fashion Manual-E-book:

testimonial 2

Yes You Can Become a Fashion Designer! All You Need Is Someone In Your Corner … To Guide You Step-By-Step!

Fashion Design FAQ's


A.   Well, its actually an electronic version of a manual, also called an E-book. The content in this Ebook is so comprehensive, that it could be referred to as a course. There is even activities in this ebook that are similar to activities that a fashion course would include.  So think of it as having the opportunity to get ‘fashion course’ content  , jammed into a Fast-Track Fashion E-book. You dont need to spend thousands of dollars or years of sitting through classes at a Fashion School to learn the ins and outs of the industry- you can learn everything to get started right here and now!


A.   An E-book is an electronic version of a paper book or manual.  The advantage is that it can be downloaded straight to your computer, laptop or IPad, and can be viewed at any time.  It is a special digital format that allows easy reading, and you can save it to your computer  so you can refer back to it at anytime.

An Ebook saves you time waiting for delivery in the post, and it also helps save the environment, by reducing the amount of paper used. Of Course if you need to print out the e-book for any reason, you can easily do this by printing it out on your own home printer with a touch of a button


A.   The Fashion Design Manual E-book is A4 in size, and 65 pages in length.  The Bonus Ebooks range from 15-40 pages  each in length. The Ebook is in Full-Colour and Includes Pictures, Graphics and Examples. The E-book is in PDF  file format, ready for instant download to your computer.


A.   Whilst there isn’t assignments to do as such, there are fun and exciting activities at the end of each section of the E-book Manual to test your knowledge of the fashion industry, and help you build a portfolio of examples of your work that can help you be successful in a job interview.


A.   You are very welcome to ask as many questions about the Ebook content and the Bonuses  as you like.   You can drop us an email  at:  I am happy to help you in anyway I can to be successful in your new career!

I Want You To Love This Fashion Manual E- Book!

Remember- You should have absolutely no risk in ordering this manual- thats why we offer your 100% guarantee for 60 days. Simply Download it, and If you don’t find it helpful to you- you can return it for a full refund. Of course I would value your feedback – so that I can make this fashion manual even better!


Imagine How Jealous Your Friends Will Be When You Start to Become a Real Fashion Designer!  ORDER NOW BEFORE YOU MISS OUT!!


Fashion Design Ebook Collection

 Get Started NOW! – Only   $47.00


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‘You need to have creative vision and the desire to succeed’ Coco Chanel

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