The Best Hairstyles and Fashion Trends for 2019

Everybody would like ever to have a beautiful look, hairstyle and fashion is one of the main contributors to an individual’s beauty. There are different hairstyles which are all incredibly beautiful although it all depends with individuals taste and preference. Hairstyle and design may also be determined by the face size and shape, age, natural hair size and type, and also the occasion one is preparing for.

In your hustle to choose the best hairstyle, you might get confused and maybe end up with the wrong choice. To avoid landing in a bad decision you should first visit ‘Top 50 Hair Styling blogs list’, here you will find beautiful hairstyles with some of which are discussed below.

Fringed bob

There are different types of bob hairstyle. However, fringed bob is one of the recent and modern hairstyle loved by most ladies. The hairstyle is wonderful for college girls who are young and innovative.

Sleek blunt

The hairstyle is also common to college girls. It is almost similar to fringed bob having that all you need is to iron and straighten the curls.

Blonde waves

It is a unique hairstyle that is loved by many people for its comfortable wearing and maintenance, and blonde waves are characterized by layers at the top of the hair and a longer mane dropping all over round.

Fingered top, and it is, therefore, a perfect hairstyle for them, the style has fridges that drop and cover the forehead, and at the top of the head, there is long hairdo that falls backwards.

High, medium ponytail

Although believed to cover up any mess and untidy hair, it is known for the beautiful look that it creates. It is quite simple to make and can be implemented for natural and artificial hairs.

Fine bangs hairdo

It is a funny but beautiful hairstyle that is fit for girls of almost all ages. It involves bent bangs that extend below the chin though not covering the face.

Side part blonde

It is a versatile and decent hairstyle, which involves a blonde hue and edgy. The hair is calmed by calming hair product like a serum.

Ombre medium

It is a quick and simple hairstyle, although most applicable to people with sleek, long hair. The style is mostly used by sports people like athletes, footballers, among other plays.

French braid

It is an elegant hairstyle that gives college girls a beautiful look. It has a white blend in the twist, although if someone has colored hair, then you can try different versions.

Side curls

Long side curls is a modern hairstyle that can be made for a formal or casual occasion. It is a hair with edgy essence that drops to one cheek side to the front of the chest. It can be long or medium size and also can be with or without curls.

Wavy tail

It is another hairstyle that is liked and used by many sportspeople. It is a short ponytail which is tied on the higher side of the head and drops backwards with a curled edge.
Single side ponytail.

It is a comic style that is quite applicable to college girls who want a different look once in a while. It is a style which draws all the hair to one side of the chic hence creating a playful vibe.

Side bangs

Side bangs give a wonderful look for girls of almost all ages. It involves a long bang of hair that extends to one side of the cheek and the rest of the hair to the back.

Fridge ponytail

A fringed ponytail is a right hairstyle that applies to people who love fridges, it is made of a fridge that covers the forehead, and the rest of the hair forms a ponytail that drops backwards.

Curly ponytail

This is just a ponytail, but the curls make it an excellent choice for people who love ponytail. It is made up of ponytail that has short curly tresses.

Blonde tie up

If you just need to look good with a right hairstyle, then consider blonde tie up. It is a ponytail with wavy hair. It looks simple but good for college girls who want to look smart but have less time to make complicated hairstyles.

Above stated are just a number of hairstyles and designs that you can consider to improve on your outlook. However, the article does not exhaust all the trending hairstyles and therefore, you can source more from to get verities from which you can pick one that suits you.

The Best Hairstyles and Fashion for Your Wedding Day

Every woman has different natural assets that need to be harmonized with the right clothes, and the right hairstyle, learning how to do this can change your life! We have found several tips and techniques to help you take your natural assets and make them your best assets through the right clothes and the right styles. In this context, the wedding is that special day in your life that won’t want to let yourself down. Yes! You want to be the talk of the day. A lot of people will want to talk, dance, and take beautiful pictures of you. So picking a perfect wedding hairstyle is crucial when preparing for your big day.

When choosing on your preferable wedding hairstyles, you must take into consideration the type of wedding theme that you’re planning. Perhaps matching can make more sense for a formal affair. Consequently, the style, color, and the fabric of the bridal gowns to select will influence the choice of hairstyle.

Learning how to dress for your figure is a must. Nothing good comes from trying to pretend you are thinner than you are or even worse, avoiding fashion altogether and wearing whatever has been in your closet for the past decade. When you acknowledge your figure and are honest with yourself, you can begin to find the perfect outfits to enhance your natural figure. For a skinny person, you want to create the illusion of curves where this can be achieved through the bulkiness of layering. You can also wear clothes with other accents like pleats, ruffles, etc. to create a more curved look. A top heavy woman will want to create a balance between their top and bottom halves. This can be done by merely wearing lighter colored tops and darker bottoms. Curvy women would like to extenuate these curves with slim and close fitting clothing like wraparound dresses and clothes that drape the body but are not too baggy

In regards to the hairstyle, you want to go with a style that accents your facial shape. For women with longer faces, you can have the side swept bangs that are so popular with long hair that can go just below the chin or a bit longer. You can choose to wear your hair straight or curly for the season as well. For women with oval faces, you are the most versatile! You can wear just about any hairstyle you want, and it will look fabulous. Lastly, for women with round faces, you will want to stick with nothing longer than bob, and you can take advantage of the wavy look but make sure the curls are as loose as possible.

Black is always a flattering color to go with whether you are trying to look chic and elegant, or you are trying to make yourself look slightly slimmer through color coordination.

Remember that just because baby doll shirts and dresses are trendy right now does not mean you have to rush out and buy one. Although they do flatter some people, they do not flatter others. This is to point out that yes, fashion is always changing, but to compliment your assets, not every new fashion is a must have for everyone.

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Learning how to work with your figure and enhance the assets you have is a skill and technique every man and woman should learn. Nothing beneficial comes from wishing you had a different body or even pretending that you do. Accept who you are because there are many different styles out there which will make you look just as fabulous as any celebrity and you will feel great about it. Fashion is literally about making yourself stand out from the crowd and enhancing your great features through different tops, bottoms, and dresses. By learning how to do this, you are using today’s fashion styles and trends to your advantage. The next time you are out shopping take the time to consider all the aspects of each piece of clothing you are buying.

So you want to stay stylish above the rest? Well, fashion and hairstyles may just be what you have been looking for, and now you’ve got the idea. If you want to experience this contemporary hairstyle, right from which place to go to how it’s done, then find the veterans hair salon that creates the best hairstyle.

Learn to Draw Fashion Online with a Short Course in Fashion

Learning to draw fashion can be difficult, and it can be tricky if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. The good news is it can be a lot easier to become a professional fashion artist then your think!

There are many ways to learn how to draw, and the first step should be learning to draw the female figure.

The fashion figure is a model stance for fashion, and it is slightly different to that of a female figure. Usually the model is taller and leaner, and has longer legs.

The best way to start drawing fashion is to use a ‘croqui’ or fashion figure template.

This is an already drawn fashion figure that you can simply trace over, and draw your fashion designs on top. It is the quickest and easiest way to draw your designs and make them look professional.

Here is an example below of how you can use a fashion figure template.

The first step is to trace with a pencil the outline of the female figure. Trace over the torso to give you a clear defined shape to work with. Then start to draw your designs on the torso.

The next step is to then trace over the arms and legs of the figure. You can then move to the head, and draw in a face and hair.

Final step is to draw in your accessories like necklace, shoes, and bangles.

From here, you are ready to start to colour or render your designs. Shade in the clothes, then the skin tone.

Finish with a black fine tip pen to trace over the outlines of the clothing, and figure.

And there you have it: a professional fashion model wearing your fashion design!

Now you can file it in your portfolio for safe keeping! Keep on practicing drawing your designs in this way, and before you know it you will have a complete Fashion Collection !

20 Fashion Figure Templates are included complimentary in our Fashion Design Ebook Pack, available at

How to Land Your Dream Fashion Design Job

It can be really difficult to get into the Fashion Industry. As Heidi Klum puts it in ‘Project Runway’ “ One day you’re in, the next day you’re out!”

Here’s some top tips on how you can make a lasting impression in a fashion job interview, and secure the fashion job of your dreams.

Firstly, you should have some sort of Fashion Education. There are many short courses in fashion out-there. You can even study Fashion Design Online. You can even buy a book on Professional Fashion Design to get your industry knowledge up, and impress your future employers.

If you have the chance to get mentored by a fashion industry professional, this is a great way to learn what happens in the fashion industry first hand. They will be able to give you expert advice on where to start in your fashion career path.

Obtaining work experience of internship is a really great way to get expert fashion industry experience that will look fantastic on your resume, and help you secure you Dream Job in the future. Even if the work experience is free, you should take it up, and treat it like a real job. The more work experience you can do the better, as you will learn a variety of skills that you can add to your resume. It also looks better to a future employer if you have a variety of different roles and experiences within a few companies, as opposed to one.

The most important thing of all is don’t ever give up! Keep up your high spirits,

and even if you get knocked back, keep on applying! You can never apply too many times! Passion is what keeps the fashion industry alive, so keep your inspiration and confidence high!

For more information about getting into the Fashion Industry, Visit:

How to Get a Killer Fashion Job

Getting into the Fashion Industry can be hard work. Sometimes it feels like its not what you know, but who you know…

There are some Killer Fashion Jobs out there, but how do you find them, and how do you increase your chances of getting the job?

Follow these steps below to insure your best chance of Getting a Killer Fashion Job:

Step 1: Do a Short Course in Fashion Design. There are many Fashion Courses Out there. What you want to look for is one that has industry experts on the panel, as they will teach the most up to date information about the Fashion Industry. These days you can study Fashion Design Online. This is the fastest way to secure Fashion Experience, and the most cost effective. For an example of a Online Fashion Design Course, click here.

Step 2: Get Work Experience or Internship with a Fashion Company

This is a great way to secure some great Fashion experience with some great Fashion Companies before you apply for a job. This shows your future employers that you are pro-active, and already have some fashion experience and exposure to how the industry works.

Step 3: Know where to look to find the Best Fashion Jobs

Sometimes the best fashion jobs aren’t in the usual newspapers or general job seeking websites. To find the best fashion jobs, you need to look for fashion industry specific job directories. A good example is

Step 4: Prepare a Killer Fashion Portfolio and Resume

Start Building a Great Portfolio of your designs and work. Include any mood boards, design collections, and spec drawings. If you need a hand to draw your design professionally, you can download Fashion Illustration Templates here.

Step 5: Tidy up your Face book Page

This is extremely important in todays job market. Future employers are now looking at candidates Facebook and social media pages to get a well balanced view and character reference of the candidate. So clean up any photos, conversations and posts that you don’t want your future boss to see.

Step 6: Submit Your Fashion Resume and Portfolios to Leading Fashion Companies. Once you have updated your resume with your fashion studies and recent work experience you can submit your CV to leading Fashion companies and retailers. Remember to insure all contact information is up to date, and all your relevant fashion experience is outlined in a cover letter.

Step 7: Practice Your Interview Skills. Practice answering any tricky interview questions with a friend, and know your strengths and weaknesses. You will need to be able to sell yourself well, and give your future employer a good reason why they should hire you.

Step 8: Land The Job! Raise a glass of champagne and Celebrate!

Remember to be on time to your first day of work, and always act in a professional manner.

For more information about getting into the Fashion Industry, Visit:

Where to Study Fashion Design

If you want to get a job in the fashion industry, you will need to have done some sort of study in the field. There are many fashion courses that you can undertake that will help you understand how the fashion industry works, and give you valuable information on how to succeed in the fashion industry. You can study Fashion at a Fashion College, School, University or TAFE. However sometimes these courses can cost you up to $20,000 per year, and you will have to study full time for 4 years before graduating. Another option to study fashion and get into the industry faster is to study fashion online. This is a much faster option to get into the fashion industry, and a much more affordable solution. Online Fashion courses allow you to study at home in your own time, so that you can work at the same time.

The other advantage of studying fashion online is that you can obtain a fashion qualification much faster, and start working in the industry immediately. When choosing an online fashion design course, try to choose one by a fashion industry expert, as the information will be more up to date and focused on fashion industry practices that will help you get a Fashion job. For more information, visit:

Study fashion online- Online Fashion Design Courses

What’s is the advantage of studying Fashion Online?

Well if you are restricted by location and there are no award winning fashion schools or courses In your area, studying Fashion and doing an online course could be the way to go.

Some of the best fashion schools offer fashion courses online, and you can learn everything plus more.

Thanks to the internet, studying fashion is more available, and expert teachers can record their classes and deliver the lessons by email or online websites.


Quite Often studying online can be cheaper as well. The Fashion Schools save on rent as they don’t have to physically hire a room to teach in. The internet becomes the online cyberspace classroom!

Studying fashion online will also save you money to travelling to a physical location everyday. When you study a online course, it is also more flexible with time, and you can schedule the course around your busy week.

Each Lesson or class in your online fashion course is usually delivered electronically with your own unique password to a student area, where you can access the e-class.

Each E-class you can access at any time, and go back to the e-class at a later day or time, if you would like to review the content.

This is a major advantage of online course as opposed to a Face to Face lesson, because if you don’t take good notes, or don’t full understand the lesson, you cant review the class again.

With E-classes you can review the lesson at any time, helping you to develop your skills, and make sure you learn the important information.

Fashion E-classes can be very comprehensive as well, and can include video tutorials, step by step instructions, downloadable templates, and written instructions you can save.

If you are considering Studying Fashion, there are many fashion schools out there who have terrific programs at affordable prices, to set you on your fashion career path!

Here are some great programs:

Fashion Ebook Program:

Online Fashion Design Course:

Fashion Buying Program:

Start Your Own Fashion Line Online Program:

How to Get a Job in Fashion

If you want to get a job at a major fashion house, or fashion retailer you will usually either need some sort of fashion experience. This can include any Fashion courses that you have done, or anything that shows that you know a bit about fashion. You don’t have to have a fashion degree at a TAFE, or University or College, just as long as you have taken some fashion related courses that show you know how the fashion industry works. If the course was run by a fashion industry expert, you have high chances that you will be taught the most relevant and up to date industry practices, as opposed to theory based teachers who aren’t actually working in the fashion industry.

The easiest place to start is to do a online fashion course. This is usually the cheapest option, and it will give you the relevant experience fast. This will get you into the industry fast, and you wont waste thousands of dollars on college fees. A great online course that will give you all the fashion industry inside knowledge is ‘How to Become a Professional Fashion Designer’. Pricing starts at only $47.00 and you can add this to your resume straight away.

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Make Money with Your Own Fashion Label!

Ok, So you have just learned about getting free publicity for your Fashion Line!

Now I am going to show you how to Triple the Sales and Profit for your Fashion Line by opening your own Online Fashion Boutique! Having your own online store connected to your website gives your fans and followers a chance to buy your collection online! This is particularly great if you don’t have many stockists in the area…. as your customer can buy online at any time from any place in the world!

Launch your Very Own Online Store For Less than $100!!

Yes that’s right you don’t need to spend thousands to launch your own Online Store.. it is much easier than you think! ( And cost effective!)

Discover Why Opening Your Own Online Store Will Triple
Your Profits:
Watch the video below to discover why it is so profitable, and how you can impliment one yourself

5 Easy Steps to Launching Your Own Online Store:

1. Build a Website in a ‘Word Press’ Platform
2. Plugin a Shopping Cart
3. Offer Pay-pal
4. Market in on Facebook
5. Promote through Fashion Blogs and Affiliates

4 Easy and Simple Steps to Getting Started:

1. Register your Domain Name ( use or 2. Buy Hosting: ( or
3. Build a ‘WordPress Platform ( Free plugin app from hosting..)
4. Plugin a ‘WordPress Shopping Cart’

Top Shopping Cart Plugins

1. Payvment (Facebook App.)
2. WP e commerce
3. Simple Paypal Shopping Cart
4. E Shop (word press plugin)
5. Shopper Press (wordpress plugin..)

Hot Tip:

1. You can hire someone to do these steps for you. Visit these websites to get really cheap web developers:,,
Give your web developer the instructions above to follow. They should charge you less than $100 to do this!

How to Become a Fashion Buyer – E-course.

This is an amazing, thoroughly detailed e-course on’ How to Become a Fashion Buyer’ which covers all aspects of the world of fashion from a buyer’s point of view. The course details on how one can start a boutique or work in a large co-operation or simply to make you aware of the amazing world of fashion and sets you up for a career path in the fashion industry. The course is very detail oriented and easy to grasp. It showcases many website URL’s that can come in handy to further your knowledge and learning. Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the world of fashion, or anyone dreaming to start a boutique of their own, should most definitely take this course clouded with information that will jumpstart your path toward this industry.


I absolutely love the e book “How to become a Fashion Buyer”, this book is packed with everything you need to know about becoming a Fashion buyer and opening your own Boutique. This is a great guide for the pure fact that it states the reality of the life of a Fashion Buyer. The main things that I really enjoyed about this guide is that the writer has a great way of explaining everything with many great examples and also graphs and pictures. There is even a glossary to explain some terms that a newbie may not understand. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to become a fashion buyer or anyone looking to open their own Boutique.
~Kristie Trimm
Aberdeen, MS (USA)

La Mode’s “How to Become a Fashion Buyer” is a must have for any hardcore fashionista who needs a guide to opening their own business. Straight forward explanations and terms used in the industry, this book has it all and more. La Mode even includes a buying structure graph and lists resources for you to use. If you’re thinking about opening your own boutique, you must have this e-book!

– Sarah Chrosniak, Nashville, Tn

How to Become a Fashion Buyer Review
This book has become my bible ever since our family-owned boutique was passed on to me by my Mom. It has helped me renovate and re-launch the boutique into a better one, one that is more up-to-date and fashion forward.

I have strengthened and reinforced my role as a Fashion Buyer and manager of the boutique because of the book’s easy-to-follow guidelines. I enjoyed reading about the competencies and qualities I should possess and constantly practice as a successful Fashion Buyer.

Thumbs up for La Mode! This book is definitely a must-have for all Fashion Buyers and for every fashion-buyers-at-heart.

100 words
Bernadette Guadiz

How to Become a Fashion Designer Review

Wow! I simply fell in love with this awesomely engaging “How to Become a Fashion Designer” book! As a fashion enthusiast, I have been following fashion trends and this book really helped me understand the differences between them.

I often wondered why some trends go “out of fashion” in such a short period of time while others stayed “in fashion” over the years, but now I know. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of taking careers in fashion as well as those who wanted to become one of the best fashion designers in the industry.

100 words
Bernadette Guadiz

My son recently came up to me and said “ Dad I plan to open a fashion boutique of my own, now that I have graduated with a degree in fashion designing”. This was a new turf for me. I had to know what I’m getting into before investing any money and the important factor was that my son’s career was on the line. It was then that one of my good friends suggested that I read an e-book on “How to Become a Fashion Buyer and start your own boutique”. This book was truly informational and was written in a very professional way. It gave me all the basic information about what the fashion industry is all about, what does it take to set up a boutique and what constitutes a fashion store etc. It had more real-time data and region specific information on how the industry is faring in those regions. I was very impressed with the self-assessment sections and the focus on communication and customer relations, which is a key part of any business. After reading the book, I was armed with enough inputs and I was confident that I had the right directions to help shape my son’s career in the fashion industry.


Born into a family of bankers and doctors, it was very difficult for me to convince my family and choose a career in the fashion industry. My dream was to establish my own fashion store. In my quest to find out more about setting up my own boutique I came across an e-book titled “How to Become a Fashion Buyer and start your own boutique”. The book was written for a specific target audience in mind, which I feel contributes to its success. With so much information about the various job types and geographical attributes of the industry, this book is sure to produce numerous fashion store owners. I was pretty determined after I read the book that I wanted to be a fashion buyer. The exciting thing about the book is that it really makes you think. I had a rough flowchart in my mind about how much store operations are going to flow and what my key performance indicators should be! It gave me a whole new dimension about the fashion industry and highly recommend you to read this page turner if you dream to make it big in the world of fashion.

First Review:
Chennai, India

Second Review:
Bangalore, India

Third Review:
Hyderabad, India

“How to Become A Fashion Buyer” by la mode is an eye opener for me. Fashion Buying is not an easy job. I cannot just choose and buy among the fabulous objects that are laid in front of me. I have to seriously consider my options. Although everything about fashion is fabulous, not everything in it are long lasting and appealing. If I don’t want my fashion business go down to the drain, I should straighten up.

The book also showed me ways on how to improve my sales by constantly upgrading my fashion taste. Wow! Thank you la mode. Eva Magno, Philippines

Testimonials : Fashion Design

This is what our students are saying:

What a great e book. “How to become a Fashion Designer” is the best place to start when you are considering becoming a fashion designer. I love the part of the book that takes you step by step into the self assessment, it will really get you pointed in the right direction. The history in the book is also a huge plus in my opinion because you have to know where you are coming from to get where you want to be. The explanations of the design phase was the most helpful, again, another great step by step! I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning all the ins and outs of the fashion design world. Kristie Trimm, Aberdeen, MS (USA) Wow!

I simply fell in love with this awesomely engaging “How to Become a Fashion Designer” book! As a fashion enthusiast, I have been following fashion trends and this book really helped me understand the differences between them. I often wondered why some trends go “out of fashion” in such a short period of time while others stayed “in fashion” over the years, but now I know. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of taking careers in fashion as well as those who wanted to become one of the best fashion designers in the industry. Bernadette Guadiz, USA

‘’I had recently enrolled for a course in fashion designing and one of my friends in my class suggested that I read an e-book titled “How to Become a Fashion Designer that had a bonus ebook on ‘’’how to start your own label”.

The book was just amazing and was very informative- A good launch pad to students like me who have big dreams of creating our own labels. I particularly liked the self-assessment sections. The outcome of Reading this ebook is that I am now selling my designs at the local markets, and have recently started my own on-line store, selling my creations. ( handmade dresses and jewelry) I would give this book a 5 star rating and urge all students to read this career-changing book!’’ Jazmine.

This one-two-step fashion book is a real winning weapon. If you’re a frustrated designer, “How to Become a Fashion Designer” by la mode is perfect for you. The book definitely helps on getting you to the top of the fashion game. At first I didn’t understand the nitty-gritty of fashion designing- I had many ideas for my clothing line, but had no idea how to communicate my designs- how to draw, and how to get them made, and where to sell my clothes! But after reading this book, I immediately understood that this industry is easy as long as you’re informed.

This makes this ebook series a must-have fashion bible. It will really guide you along the fabulous lane… Eva Magno, Phili.

The world of glamour awaits you! The e-course on ‘How to become a fashion Designer’
makes the wait a lot easier. This e-course is very easy to grasp and ends up giving you a thorough knowledge of the elements and details required in becoming a fashion designer. A complete research has been done for you about the industry and makes you ready to step out and pursue a career as a fashion designer. I would recommend this e-course to anyone who wants to get a feel of the fashion industry or to use as a stepping stone towards becoming a fashion designer.
Sarah Sredevy, USA.

“How to Become a Fashion Designer and start your own label” gave me an tremendous amount of confidence to become a Fashion Designer. I never knew there were so many options in the fashion industry apart from being a designer- like a merchandiser, a journalist, a photographer, a fashion model etc. The moment I completed the first assignment, I knew clearly what I wanted to be in the industry – a fashion journalist and photographer. I’m writing this review so that, like my friend who suggested this book and shaped my career, I would help an aspiring student choose their career path in the fashion industry.” Anusha May