10 Invaluable Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Important things such as going for a job interview, going for a dinner date or meeting a potential client can go wrong just because of a bad hair day. Your hair is your pride and glory and bad hair can destroy your self-confidence and bring your self-esteem down. Maintaining healthy hair can be a challenge because it needs work and commitment but at the end of it all you will be proud of the results.

Want to have that healthy hair? Here are some tips:

1. Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Well, you may ask What has food got to do with it? Having a well-balanced diet is essential for the health of your hair. Your hair is made up of proteins and the most important nutrients for your hair are protein and iron. While doing your food shopping keep this in mind. The foods rich in protein which are good for your hair are: peas, milk, eggs and lentils. Foods rich in iron are fish, beans, spinach and berries also include foods with vitamin C and E these are also good for your hair.

2. Use the Right Comb

The comb or brush you use should be wide toothed to avoid breakages while combing your hair. Also comb gently from the roots of your hair to the tips, taking small portions of hair at a time.

3. Cut The Split Ends

Occasionally trim your ends to avoid breakages and give room for your hair to grow faster. Not only that, but split ends give your hair a bad look, makes it look dry, dull and lifeless. For healthy, shiny and beautiful hair cut the ends regularly.

4. Reduce the Amount of Times You Use Heat on Your Hair

Avoid using heat on your hair all the time, only blow dry, flat iron or go to the dryer once in a while and only when it is necessary. This will avoid heat damage and also unnecessary breakage keeping your hair healthy and strong. Here’s a useful tip: when blow-drying your hair, start with a little heat slowly increasing it.

5. Choose a Hair Friendly Shampoo

When going to shop for your hair products, choose a hair friendly shampoo. Go for sulfate free shampoos which are the best because they help retain the moisture of the hair and therefore maintaining its shine. Ever accidentally spilled shampoo in your eyes while you were washing your hair and suddenly that unpleasant sting disturbed your eye for a couple of minutes? That’s the sulfate, so with sulfate free shampoos you get to enjoy a stingless wash day. These kind of shampoos are not harsh to your scalp but are gentle making sure they don’t cause any irritation.

6. Plan Your Wash Days Well

Take caution not to wash your hair regularly because it causes your hair to swell up eventually leads to hair breakage. Washing your hair many times will make your hair become weak and damage it. The first question you should ask yourself before washing your hair if it’s necessary, so come up with a clear plan on when you will be washing your hair. Washing hair with shampoo removes dirt, sweat and oil. Also it will keep your hair fresh and clean.

7. Deep Condition for Maximum Results

Deep condition your hair and put on a shower cap to let the conditioner sink in for about ten minutes up to an hour. This helps to maintain  shiny, healthy and strong hair. Use the right products and don’t change your products all the time because it can affect your hair. According to your hair type ask for advice about the products to use from the store you are buying your products from.

 Using natural ingredients to make your conditioner is an affordable and easy way. You can use products that are readily available in your kitchen such as avocado, honey, coconut oil, eggs and bananas. These natural products will leave your hair healthy, thick and shiny.  But if you’re not that kind of person who has the patience to make the conditioner from scratch there are already readymade conditioners available in your favorite beauty shop.

 So here’s how you can deep condition your hair. Apply from the scalp going towards the tips. And massage your scalp really well before putting a shower cap on. This will not only give you healthy moisturized hair but a moisturized scalp as well. Also, when you’re washing out the conditioner, use cold water and add leave-in to provide additional moisture to your hair.

8. Oil Your Hair Regularly

You can never underestimate the importance of oiling your hair and scalp. just as it is important to oil your body, it is just as necessary to oil your scalp. Oiling your scalp makes it moisturized, avoids dandruff and dead skin. Oiling your hair prevents unnecessary breakages and makes it look shiny and perfect for your Friday date night. Dry hair is not only hard to manage but also makes you cringe just by looking at it. Some of the oils you can use on your scalp are olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil and castor oil. But, before you use any kind of oils on your head please make sure you are not allergic to it.

 Staying hydrated is also important for the health of your hair. It is advisable to take liters of water a day to help in your hair growth and to maintain the strength of your hair. Finally use a hair spray to give your hair that natural glow.

9. Get a Professional Hairdresser

If you aren’t going to handle your hair by yourself, make sure you have a professional and trusted hairdresser who will take good care of your hair and advise you well on the products to use while at home.

10. Commitment

Lastly, commitment is the most important thing above all the other points. All the knowledge won’t work for you unless you are committed and take on a routine that will help you achieve your ultimate goal which is having healthy hair.

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